José Navas – Biography

José Navas

José Navas

Born in Venezuelan en 1965, José Navas arrived to Quebec in 1991. He distinguished himself first as a skillful and influential solo dancer, in order to then create group pieces that will be reminded because of their bold and unusual style. He has done more then thirty pieces, either independently or as the artistic director of his company, Compagnie Flak. Recently, he has been focusing his artistic research on the nature and purity of movement. His current work is easily described by abstraction, simplicity, intensity and depth.

Beginning his formation in Caracas, José Navas leaves his country of origin in order to continue his studies in New-York, at the Merce Cunningham Studio. He collabored with many independent choreographers. During this period, William Douglas creates a solo for him, allowing him to receive the Bessie Award, rewarding in talent in dance. The two men leave for Montreal, where the will collaborate until Douglas’ death in 1996.

It is when he arrived to Montreal that he debutes his career as a choreographer. He founds his company in 1995 and gives more than 300 representations in 20 different countries, staggered over a 11 years period. He is quickly recognized and seeked throughout the world, both in the world of dance and in movies. In 1999, the European magazine Ballet International Tanz Aktuell called him the « best young choreographer abroad».

En 2000, he creates his piece Perfume de Gardenias, which will sell all tickets in Montreal for 3 weeks and will be presented in many big cities, like New-York and London. All his pieces presented afterwards will sell all tickets all over the world.

In 2004, Navas decided going back to the purity of movement. With The Heavens, burning with Hours, he rediscovers the profound meaning of simplicity. He only desires to explore the space and the movement, using basic techniques of the postmodern new-yorker gestural.

He collaborates with the Great Canadian Ballets in 2007, for the farewell gala of Anik Bissonnette, with Límpido amor.

He ties back with the solo in 2008 with Miniatures. It is the first time that he revealed part of personal history, with this piece realised for his dad.

José Navas seeks to promote multiculturalism and does not hesitate to use his company to do so. He created numerous seminars, various programs and also teaches in order to share his culture and his love for dancing.


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